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Pensacola’s Finest Fishing Charter!

So I figured I would start this blog out with a great experience I had fishing on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Pensacola with an outfit called Strickly Fishing Charters- https://www.stricklyfishingcharters.com/. We arrived around 6:30 a.m. and were greeted by the Captain, Zack Strickland. He was a a pleasant person with a great attitude. Once we had our safety briefing we departed and headed towards the open ocean!

This Pensacola Fishing Charters was like no other fishing adventure I had experienced before. We caught so many fish I lost count in the first hour of fishing. We caught plenty of different varieties. We caught snapper, grouper, triggerfish, amberjack, mahi, and even a cobia which was a bucket list fish of mine for a long time.

Once we got back to the marina the captain cleaned our fish and bagged them up nicely for us. We then brought out catch to a local restaurant, Peg Leg Pete’s, and had them cook our catch. It was fantastic! Once we settled in back at the lovely Hilton Inn on Pensacola Beach, we relaxed with a few cocktails around the pool and called it a night.

Guys if y’all ever get a chance to get to Pensacola , I strongly suggest getting with Strickly Fishing Charters and giving Captain Zack a call to go fishing you will not regret it!

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